A downloadable game

This is a 2 player, 1 keyboard fighting game in its INITIAL development.

Player 1: A and D keys to move, double tap them to move faster. W key to block, Space bar to kick, Left Alt to punch. F to turn around.

Player 2: Left and right arrows to move, double tap them to move faster. Right Ctrl to kick, Right Shift to block, Enter to punch. Right Alt to turn around.

Gameplay has been initialized and we're ready for feedback!!

This is my first game, and I am perhaps halfway through development. There is much work to be done: 2 animations must be added (Been Hit and I Hit), etc. etc.!! This is just a preliminary upload to get to know the itch.io pipeline. But here it is so far, updates will come as they happen!

Just got my first feedback! Thanks Silas and Andrea!!

Install instructions

Dowload, unzip and double click the .exe file to play.


TE_wip_May_28_Data.zip 56 MB


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Amazing... Shito Ryu 2Dan and Shotokan Bron Belt here :) 

Thanks friend